Donald Trump’s Handwriting Has Been Made Into a Free Font!

This is not a political blog. Contrary to what you might have heard, we rarely report about politics, and we're not picking a side in the upcoming election. That said, it has been said that presidential candidateDonald Trump has "tiny hands," and the folks over at Buzzfeed recently riffed on that concept with a satire piece showing Trump's notes for the third presidential debate. So where did that font come from and how did they make the piece?

As it turns out, it'squite the story, and so you should probably take a moment to check it out. But to cut to the chase, they didn't just make up a handwriting font on the spot that they figured might be neat, they used Trump's handwriting samples like this one:

Spiderman 2

And they used that info to make a font they call Tiny Hand:

Spiderman 2

You can download it right here, and it's, well, amazing. For more about the font, check out Buzzfeed and Fast Co. Design.

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October 2016 //Graphic Design


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