Mario Vachon

Partner, Senior Marketing Strategist
25 years of experience

Johanne Bédard, DGA

Partner, Creative Director
25 years of experience

Kaméléons & cie is a team of seasoned professionals led by the firm’s founding partners—a marketing specialist and a design specialist/certified graphic designer (DGA). Both have earned a strong reputation through their successes on numerous regional, provincial, national, and international projects.

When clients work with a certified graphic designer, they know they will get a superior product delivered by a professional adhering to industry best practices.

The marketing strategist takes a big picture view, working in synergy with our designers to ensure conceptual consistency and integrate everything into a cohesive whole. Together, they produce powerful, objective-driven results that deliver a positive return on investment for clients.

Every project is unique. That’s why Kaméléons & cie handpicks the best people for your needs

and ensures you play a key role on the team!